1998 Suzuki VS 800 GL Intruder – S50 Steering Damper


1998 Suzuki VS 800 GL Intruder – S50 Steering Damper

The Steering Damper is mounted between the Triple Tree and the Frame or Fairing Bracket. The Steering Damper helps to stabilize the front end, increasing overall stability and reducing headshake. The Condition of this part is Used.

A used Steering Damper will be fully functional and will not leak. It will operate smoothly and correctly. All mounting points will be intact.

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Mortgage Refinance Qualification: What Do You Really Need to Bag the Mortgage Refinance Deal?


How do I qualify for refinance mortgage? It is now more challenging to become eligible for one as lenders have made guidelines stringent for evaluating loan applications. Let us look at what lenders look for while going through refinance applications1. Debt to Income ratio:
Lenders consider your monthly earnings and debt payments by way of a debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. Lenders usually look for a debt to income ratio that does no exceed 38 percent. However, there are some programs that allow more flexibility and make way for a larger debt to income ratio.To calculate debt-to-income ratio for a refinance application, you should consider your income, housing costs and debts. These are the factors that lenders often look to find out if you are eligible for mortgage refinance. If you have a high debt-to-income ratio, you may focus on clearing some of your debts before refinancing.Also bear in mind that that most lenders will need that you have proof of income in the form of the latest paycheck stubs, w-2 forums or federal income tax returns.2. Loan to Value Ratio:
Another factor that comes into play to find out if you can qualify for mortgage refinance is finding the loan to value ratio. To calculate this, divide the amount that you want to borrow by the present value of your home. For instance, if the value of your home is $200,000 and you want to borrow $160,000, your LTV is 80 percent. In fact, most lenders look for loan to value ratio that is lesser than 80 percent for refinance mortgage. However, there are some lenders that offer flexible termsA good example to illustrate better Loan to Value Ratio is the Making Home Affordable Program, which makes for refinancing up to 105 percent LTV. This program is for borrowers who have a good track record of making mortgage payments on time and whose loan is backed or owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.3. Your credit score:
The credit score also has a bearing on your ability to be eligible for refinance mortgage. While, there is no particular minimum credit score needed for refinancing, it goes without saying that if the credit is not good, the interest rate and terms offered may not make refinance viable enough. So, pay your bill on time, get a good credit score, and the qualification for refinance mortgage also increases.

Review Of The Best Fashion Brands Of 2010


This review focuses on giving adequate information about the best fashion brands 2011. The best and most successful brands in the clothing and shopping niche have been D&G, Armani and Ed Hardy. There are definitely other brands that could also fall into this category, however, the 3 represented in this review definitely had a decent impact on how our teenagers and younger generation dresses today. Here are the reviews of each individual brand.D&G (Dolce and Gabbana)Dolce and Gabbana has been one of the leading manufactures and top providers in the clothing industry. Typical clothes and products that are produced from D&G are t shirts, jeans, belts, socks, caps, pullover, shoes, perfumes, watches, sun glasses, eye glasses, fan accessories, body lotions etc. The provider has been producing the highest quality products in all of these categories and niches since the last couple of years. In fact, D&G has become so popular that already teenagers at the age of 14 up simply love their products. We know that D&G is a great provider in quality and style, so the price must be remarkable high right? The prices for jeans, sun glasses and shoes are astronomic, and can hardly be afforded by many men and women. Unfortunately, this is why many fake products hit the market in the last decade and provided fake clothes and accessories from D&G.Ed HardyEd Hardy has been a sensation since the last couple of years. Through the production of high quality clothing like t shirts, jeans and caps Ed Hardy definitely stood out of the crowd. The America based company reached record numbers in sales in 2009 and 2010, and nobody sees this trend to slow down soon. It is similar to D&G one of the most professional clothing manufactures with a relatively high price standard. Caps can cost from around $70 up to $400 each. This is why only few people can actually afford original Ed Hardy clothes.ArmaniArmani is another top Italian cloth manufacturer. The strength of Armani lies in producing high quality jeans and belts. However, Armani also managed to bring perfumes and t shirts to the market that made it difficult for their competitors to fight back. The price is like for D&G and Ed Hardy accessories relatively high and not easily affordable for the average American. Armani accomplished to produce the best perfumes for both men and women in 2010.
This review was dedicated to the best fashion brands of 2010.

Gummi King Echinacea Plus Vitamin-C Zinc Supplement, Strawberry/Lemon/Orange/Grape/Cherry/Grapefruit, 60 Count


Gummi king Echinacea plus vitamin c and zinc gummies come in six awesome and natural fruit flavors (strawberry, lemon, orange, grape, cherry and grapefruit) and are vegan, gelatin free, and provide kids with Echinacea, vitamin c and zinc. Gummi king gummies are made with only the highest quality ingredients. Each bottle contains 60 gummi king gummies.
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How Can Twitter Help Me Make More Money Online?


Twitter doesn’t sound like much. It suggests that you tell the world what you’re doing in 140 characters or less. So what? How are people using this social marketing tool to make more money online?What You Need To Know: Follow and Be Followed!The key to twitter is to follow and be followed. If you’re on the site talking about what you’re doing to nobody and not finding what anyone else is doing, it’s sort of useless and rather boring. Once you get a few followers and start following a person, that’s when the buzz starts. You can update your status on the web, via instant messaging client or via a third party tool like Twhirl that lets you use twitter from your own desktop. You can follow and be followed on your cell phone as well and be plugged in to the Twitterverse on the go.You have a profile page that lets you manage the tool and lets people look you up to see what you’re all about in a few lines and with a URL. It’s the “What are you doing” section that counts.
Your Twitter friends or peeps (a.k.a your Tweeps) all carry on conversations with or without you and when you pop in and chime into various conversations, it gets rather lively. People ask questions, answer questions and share URLS of what they’re doing, what they find interesting and what they want opinions on.There’s also the public timeline that tells you what other people are doing and you can search on that for more followers or conversations to eavesdrop on. It’s like a virtual water cooler that you can stop into during the day and check in with your tweeps.Use Twitter when you:-Post an update to your blog-Want answers to a technical question-Want to vent-Want to tell people what you’re having for lunch (seriously, that can sparks some very interesting questions) and more.You can also send direct private messages as well as respond to people both directly but also publicly. The more interesting of a Tweet you post, the more likely people will follow you and re-tweet. A re-tweet is when you post a URL and someone likes it so they share it by tweeting or re-tweeting it to their followers. Do you see how it can become a benefit to you in an area like affiliate marketing, product launches and technical challenges you need help with?You can also post Twitter feeds on your website so that people can follow you, read your conversations, see who you’re following and visit their posts or URLS so it becomes a very viral way to share and communicate and even to collaborate.The downside to TwitterNot only is the tool currently growing at such a fast rate that it goes down regularly but there is another downside and that’s productivity. Sadly there’s almost always a downside to social networking and bookmarking tools and as with many others, Twitter can be a time waster if you’re not careful so it’s important to use it and have fun but also to set limits for yourself.